Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

We can hardly believe it has been two months since we returned to Rwanda. Our internet has been poor so our communication has been inconsistent. However, we may have found a better internet service and we hope to return to our habit of regular communication. As we arrived in Kigali we found all was well with Christ’s Church in Rwanda (CCR) and Kigali International Community School (KICS). Those who labored in our absence did a fabulous job and we are very thankful for those the Lord brought to serve with us.

We’ve spent our first two months visiting and listening to seek understanding of what the Lord would ask for us to be our next steps. An interesting listening mode was that Dave taught history to KICS secondary students for 6 weeks as the KICS history teacher did her final fund discovery. Spending his mornings with high school students confirmed his deep suspicions – teaching is hard work and teenagers can be both exhausting and exhilarating. Listening to Kigali’s youth for 6 weeks has brought new insight.
This month we ask for your prayers for the following matters:

1. Thanksgiving that our children have adjusted well to Rwanda. Rwanda is home. Sophia won first place in a writing contest ( Caleb and Ethan are playing basketball and enjoying their friends. Ruth is blossoming with new discoveries. Timothy has found friends who may be as fast as he, and he’s running more than ever. We consider it a treasure to raise our children in Kigali.

2. KICS is doing well. Ruth’s 5th grade teacher will take maternity leave in January. Please pray for another quality teacher to arise to take her place.

3. CCR is growing and maturing with between 300 and 340 people attending most Sundays. We see several key areas of potential growth that require attention. Please pray for:

• Disciplining and training of more CCR leaders.

• An opportunity to begin a CCR university campus ministry in 2011.

• The proper time and opportunity for CCR to begin growing a ministry for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. CCR is joining other churches in remembering Orphans Sunday on November 7. May God direct our prayers to appropriate thoughts and action.

• May God give us wisdom and vision to lead CCR for His glory.

4. New co-workers: Rusty and Onawa Linden and their children, Evey and Salome leave for Rwanda on October 25. May their final preparations and journey be ones filled with divine appointments. May their final goodbyes be filled with joy. May Rwanda show them the kindness it has shown to our family.

5. Jana’s mom, Jan Tarbet will join us in a few days to spend a month with our family.
We are all eager for her return to Africa. We can’t wait to show her our lives in Rwanda. May her travels be full of safety and peace.

Thank you for your prayer, support, and encouragement that sustain our family and ministry.
Imana ikurinde (May God keep all of you),

Dave and Jana

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