Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear CCR Friends and Family,

Our study of the 10 Commandments is nearing completion. This week we are in Command Number 8, “You shall not steal (Exodus 20:15.)” At first it seems pretty simple. This is the week that we make fun of the boys who steal the mirrors from our cars.

However, this commandment is just the one to discuss in a complicated world. We live during a time in Kigali in which many of us carry great responsibility.
Many of us provide leadership in a multiple of different spheres. It can include government, business, church, school, and social function. In the midst of these complexities sometimes the line can blur between personal and community. The line gets complicated with both who is responsible and who is the rightful owner. In such a climate it is easy to begin a slow journey that others will later call outright corruption.

This week we’ll look at a basic building block of enduring nations. Property rights are respected.
An easy temptation is to make this a glorification of individual’s creation of wealth. Instead, God will call us to audacious responsibility. According to God, we humans own nothing. All is God’s entrusted to us. At best we are only renters or refugees on God’s property (Leviticus 25:223-28). Thus property must be developed with God’s excellence always in mind.

I hope you can join us this week.


P.S. Make sure to plan to attend CCR’s Love Fest on Saturday, 18 June with Next Generation (Music band from Church of Harvest Oklahoma City USA), Beauty for Ashes (United musicians from Rwanda), Christ Doves United (Music Band from Christ's Church Rwanda), and God's Army Dance Force (Dance group from Kampala, Uganda.)

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