Saturday, February 4, 2012


For the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing a phrase, “We need you, mzee.” This Sunday, we’ll have a treat. Jana’s dad, Mzee Gaston Tarbet will preach for us at CCR. I hope you can attend.

I have been fortunate to have many bzee in my life that have permitted me to follow them around, listen, and ask questions. Most of what ever wisdom or skills I have are just something I learned from following someone a little more seasoned than I.

One skill that many remark that I possess is the ability to make friends rapidly and navigate through thought leader’s offices. Fortunately, when I was a younger missionary I had a master to follow; Jana’s dad, Gaston Tarbet. He always dressed well, carried a business card, put his requests in writing, and sought to shepherd people first. People were always seen as made in God’s image and worthy of infinite dignity. I learned a tremendous amount by the time I spent with him.

Maybe the most startling thing was prayerfulness. Gaston always asked people what was going on in their lives. Then if there was something prayer worthy he’d ask to say a prayer, and pray immediately. I can’t ever remember him saying, “That will go on my prayer list,” or “I’ll pray about that.” Instead he prayed for people immediately. It is a tremendously good habit to not speak about prayer, but to humbly pray immediately.

I trust those of you who come to CCR this Sunday will hear a masterful sermon.


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