Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dear Friends in Rwanda,

Our family’s departure from Rwanda for this season is rapidly approaching.     On Monday, 4 June we will fly from Kigali to Chicago believing God has called us to go as missionaries from Rwanda to serve Great Lakes Diaspora in North America. 

Farewells have never been easy for us.    However, we recognize that with the limitations of this present age they are part of life.    God looks from heaven upon the troubles of man.   He sees the unfinished tasks in our community.  Then He calls individuals to leave all that is known and comfortable to serve others.   Farewells and awkward moments are part of this age as we await a new one.

Rwanda has been exceedingly kind to us.   There is no way we can repay the kindness.   However, we can say goodbye well.   Then we reside in hope.    It is our hope that our season away from Rwanda will be brief.  Beyond this hope is a hope in a day in which death will have no further hold upon man.  

Because of these hopes farewells are celebrations.   A new day is coming. 

Christ’s Church in Rwanda is hosting a Farewell Dinner for our family this Friday, 1 June at 6:00 p.m.   The cost for adults will be 5,000 RWF and children 3,000 RWF.    It would give our family great pleasure if you could join us that evening.

If you are able to attend please inform GAKIRE Vivian (0788-535-771); Nsenga Eron (0788-309-070); or NYAGAHURA Marguerite (0788-638-045.

Imana ikurinde,

Dave and Jana


  1. OOh farewell we are going to miss you so much,Pastor you have been a blessing to us more than a teacher, and GOD will be with you where ever you go. I have one more request to you, to keep Rwanda in prayers and if you would consider mentoring me. lots of love. stay blessed.

  2. Rwanda will always be in my prayers. I'm always willing to mentor. Send me an email or FB message