Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dave and Jana walking Gabriel
Dear Family and Friends.
We hope your summer is going well.   We are enjoying summer in the USA, but also deeply miss Rwanda.   This week we particularly miss the Kumbya Retreat where missionaries from Africa’s Great Lake have gathered every year since 1947 to fellowship and renew.

We sense our season in the USA will be a similar season to gather and refresh as we renew old friendships and make new ones. 

We are traveling this week.   Currently, we are in the Dallas area visiting Mark and Chelsea Jacobs for a few days and seeing our former foster son, Gabriel Mugisha Jacobs.  

Gabe is doing well.   He now weighs 10.45 kilos (23 pounds).   It is unbelievable when you pick him up
.   The Jacobs have a baby back pack carrier, and we take Mugisha for walks in the morning.   There is a pond near the Jacobs' home.   We walk around the pond similar to how Dave used to walk around the Nyarutarama Lake when we lived in Kigali.   However, Gabe is significantly heavier, and it becomes just a bit more tiring. 

We're very thankful to see Gabe doing so well.   It is miraculous as you listen to the Jacobs tell stories of all the divine appointments that have happened.   He is getting the best care possible.   A multiple of different therapists come to their home each week to help Gabe get through the next stages.   He is rolling over and almost crawling so great progress has been made in his development.   He also is full of joy and seems to remember our family even after not seeing us for 4 months. It was fun watching his face as he was trying to process it all. He came to us easily. Chelsea said that he usually doesn't warm up to others that fast. All of our kids are with us.  They love playing and cuddling with Gabe, and reconnecting with the Jacobs other girls!  We think our families are enmeshed for life! 

It is hard to describe with words the deep and profound sense of joy and contentment to be again with Mugisha.   God's will and love are perfect.  We love cuddling and holding Gabe again! Such sweet blessings!
Jenkins' boys with Gabriel

This weekend Dave will be performing a wedding in Indiana of a lovely Rwandan couple. We are looking forward to seeing several Rwandan friends, and meeting more of Rwandans that are living on this side of the ocean!

However, after being on the road for a week we are starting to be homesick for our new Wheaton home!

Blessings to all of you,

Dave and Jana

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