Monday, October 1, 2012


Our family arriving at the Chicago's O'hare Airport on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Dear Family and Friends,

It has now been 4 months since we left our home in Africa following a call to return to the USA because of our hope that our ultimate home is heaven.    The transition has been overwhelming yet our Lord continues His steadfast love and providence.    Our pace has been slower.   In many ways this has been a season to catch our breaths.    This month we ask you to focus your prayer upon children.    In this transition kids occupy our thoughts, prayers, and actions.

1.    First, please pray for the children in our African Great Lakes region.   (In catching our breath Dave blogged about AIDS’ deaths and children at  It took 19 years to put the wrestling into words.)   There is tragedy, but also great hope.    May the children of Africa’s Great Lakes remain healthy.   May they thrive in exceptional education.    May they bring a new vision of the future to us.

Our kids all together in Chicago for the summer
2.   Second, please pray for our own children.      The sociological term used to describe them is TCK (Third Culture Kids.)    Our kids are a blend of several different cultures.    This gives them great empathy and resiliency.   It also means that during some seasons of life they must make rapid adaptations to assimilate and thrive.   This is one of those seasons.   They have done well:

  • Sophia is participating in Wheaton College’s “Chicago” program.   Since her whole life has been overseas she chose not to do an “overseas study,” but to study for a semester with 11 other Wheaton students in Chicago’s Up Town neighborhood.

  •   Caleb has shown remarkable resilience as he was uprooted from his home in Kigali for his senior year of high school.   He is taking courses at the College of DuPage and preparing for entering a Christian liberal arts university next fall (To read about the humor of American education and bureaucracy that Caleb has masterfully navigated check out

  • Ethan is playing JV2 Soccer for Wheaton North High School.   Two weeks ago he was awarded, “Man of the Match” for his soccer play.   He has enrolled in more difficult academic classes and is doing well.

  •     Ruth is in a local Ballet, enjoying Wheaton’s Franklin Middle School, and leading our family in making the most new friends.   It has been delightful to watch her grace and beauty.

  • Timothy is playing soccer for the Kopion Junior Academy.   All who meet him are struck by his immense resiliency, rhythm, and outright speed.    God answered his prayer to be on the second floor of Lowell Elementary School.   (To read about Timothy’s journey of blessed persistence check out

Six of KICS graduates of 2011 are at USA universities.
3. Please pray for the children of our African neighbors in Chicago (Cyikago is how some of us with Africa roots spell this American city.)   We are amazed at how many we are meeting from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo in Chicago.   Some have come as refugees.  Some have come as working immigrants.   Some have come as students.   The children of our African neighbors are like our own children.   They are TCK’s.    Please pray that they will also grow in their gifting, empathy, education, and resiliency.   Also, please pray that our family will discover how God intends for us to serve our African friends in Chicago.

Mungu akubariki (God bless you),

Dave and Jana

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