Monday, April 5, 2010

April 2010 Prayer Bulletin

Dear Family and Friends,

We have been on a very interesting journey the last several years. For some reason, we seemed to have lost the ability to communicate well about all God was doing in our lives and ministry. News from us was infrequent and scattered. We’ve pondered if maybe the Lord’s honor was best seen through a season of silence from us.

It is our hope to begin anew communication. We’ve got a new blog. We are trying to improve our web sites. We plan to do monthly prayer bulletins. We hope to do at least quarterly postal mailings.

This month we ask your prayers for the following items:

1. May the Glory of God be abundantly seen in all our thoughts, words, and actions. May all that we hold dear be for His honor. May His work in our lives be seen clearly. May we become less and less in a greater pursuit of God’s Sovereign will.

2. The last year has been a unique and unexpected one. However, we especially thank the Lord for two matters of answered prayers:

a. Our recovering health. We had our last doctors’ appointments in January and February and are cleared to return to Rwanda. We still have a few residual issues, but we’re in our 40’s and sometimes Dave is asked about Senior Citizen discounts. God has been very good to us. Dave is running again. Jana is active in our community. May our restored health be used to bless our community and honor God.

b. In our absence, Christ’s Church in Rwanda (CCR) and Kigali International Community School are thriving. CCR is averaging over 300 in Sunday attendance. KICS is strengthening its Christian ethos. New leadership is arising in both organizations. May God be praised for kingdom growth.

3. New co-laborers:
God has answered these prayers in abundance. Brett and Keli Shreck have arrived in Kigali (but still are in fund discovery process). Rusty and Onawa Linden are in the process of discovering their needed funds before departing. KICS will need new teachers in the coming academic year. May God continue to empower those He has called to serve in Rwanda’s harvest.

4. Wisdom: The tasks before us are simply beyond our plans and abilities. They can only be accomplished with a large measure of the Lord’s wisdom. May God fill us with His wisdom to have both visionary foresight and practical common sense.

5. Like minded partners: Our family has lost approximately 1/3 of our monthly support. Thus we have delayed our return to Rwanda as we seek to discover more like minded partners. May the Lord bring together more churches, individuals, and organizations to continue the tasks before us.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement that sustain our family and ministry.

Imana ikurinde (May God Keep All of You),

Dave and Jana

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