Thursday, April 1, 2010

International Christian K-12 Teachers Needed

Our family is beginning to renew our habit of sending prayerful news. We ask for you to prayerfully consider if you may know available teachers for Kigali International Community School.

Following is a note from our colleague, Bryan Hixson about next year's need.

Dave and Jana


Friends of Kigali International Community School (KICS),

KICS is seeking Christian teachers to join us for our school year beginning August 2010. This unique opportunity and experience for K-12 teachers is in Kigali, Rwanda. KICS currently serves 185 students from 34 nationalities and is seeking accreditation from ACSI and MSA.

KICS will provide housing, health insurance, visa, transport to/from Rwanda, use of a school vehicle, and an international professional development conference for those staying for a second year. Christian teachers afforded this special opportunity are asked to raise additional support to address other needs like food, travel, and student loans. KICS projects that each teacher will need to raise a minimal $200-400/month.

Attached you will find an application form and the mission, vision, and philosophy statements for KICS. See the list below for available positions. For further information please contact or find us at

We are happy to provide more information to anyone that might have an interest in this unique international opportunity. Below this list you will find a couple of quotes from current KICS teachers and a student from online posts.

• KG
• 1st Homeroom
• 2nd Homeroom
• 6th Homeroom
• MS/HS Science - Physics/Biology 1 and 2/Earth Sci? (not Chemistry)
• MS/HS Math
• MS/HS Social Studies
• MS English/HS (1)
• MS/HS Bible
• Physical Education
• Art

"I relish the privilege of teaching at a Christian school in Africa. God continues to work in my heart and give me joy in the work He has called me to do. Each day I get to teach Rwandan children, missionary children, children of non-Christians from various parts of the globe, and children of prominent people in this country’s business and government. It is awesome to start first period social studies (7th grade) with prayer and devotional in an environment where students can ask real questions about life and God, and we can freely discuss what the Bible teaches. Teaching elementary students about the music of J. S. Bach, sharing how he devoted his music to the glory of God, and learning about Handel’s Messiah and watching the kids rise—according to tradition—during the “Hallelujah Chorus” in honor of Christ, have been other blessings. Being not only free but encouraged to bring God into each class is an awesome opportunity." Micah (Music & History Teacher)

"I like KICS because the teachers are really kind and I am learning a lot. It is really cool to experience all the kids from so many different countries and seeing kids who don't believe in God become believers. I also like how easy it is to make friends." Alexis (5th grade)

"Before I left on holiday, I told the Headmaster of KICS my intentions of returning next year; upon the basis I could think during the break. I did not have an uneasy feeling at the thought of another year during the break which was a nice confirmation. As I thought and prayed about next year and what I would be leaving in both the States and Africa, I decided I would stay as previously stated. I do miss family and friends more and more each week, but I believe it is the place for me to be next year....I truly enjoy teaching at KICS. It has been a wonderful break from not to be loaded down with meetings, endless paper work, and other responsibilities that stifle the energy I can put into teaching... I thank God for such a great group of students who are unlike any other I have ever taught." Douglas (Grade 3 Teacher)

"After much prayer and thought, I will be returning to Rwanda in August (after a 6-week visit back to Canada this summer) and plan to teach in Rwanda as long as the Lord allows. I love being here: the people, KICS, the culture, and relationships that I have formed." Vicki (5th grade)

Bryan Hixson mobile: 0788232699
ROC Partners - Ex. Dir. - RW
KICS Board Chairman
CCR Admin. Min.

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