Monday, May 17, 2010

Contract With Rwanda

Following is our CCR Contract with Rwanda that was signed by Minister of Local Government, Protais Musoni and myself on 4 March, 2007 at CCR's Grand Church Opening. I believe it is a core covenant that empowered CCR's growth and community relevance.

Christ’s Church in Rwanda begins operation as a church on 4 March 2007. This beginning has followed a lengthy process of listening, seeking advice, and serving. We recognize that new beginnings in life are seasons in which communities develop contracts with one another. Contracts bring responsibility that if faithfully executed will be rewarded. They also are times of reflection as they carry consequences for unfaithful execution that can negatively effect future generations. With this solemn responsibility Christ’s Church in Rwanda makes the following contract with the people of Rwanda.


Christ’s Church in Rwanda recognizes the government as God’s appointed institution to exercise authority on earth. As such we pledge to submit to the government’s laws, processes, and vision.

In a paradox of our faith we also recognize that we are God’s mouth piece to speak to the government with the voice of prophets which hold the government accountable to her contracts to Rwanda’s people.

We pledge to be the voice of the voiceless. We will speak for refugees, the poor, women, children – both born and unborn; and all others whose voice would not be heard in the normal discourse of public life. We will give no favor to any man or woman based up race, ethnicity, education, or economic standard.


Through out all of our interaction with our communities we will remember the words of our Lord “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” Therefore our presence in our communities will model kindness and civil decency.

We will respect the normal working and living hours of our community. Our services will not disturb the tranquility of our community. Our communities have many responsibilities from their families to places of work. Therefore, we will operate as much as possible on a schedule so that our services will not interfere with our community’s ability to thrive.

The sounds coming from our facility will be the reasonable sounds of Christian joy, the teaching of God’s word, the laughter of playing children, and thoughtful dialogue and debate as our community seeks to find solutions forward.

We recognize that the greatest gift our community gives is of itself, and we will never pursue ministry as personal business.


We believe that the first institution of leadership in our community is the family. Therefore our leadership will be made up of those who have succeeded as spouses and parents.

Our community’s youth and children will always find a safe place in our midst from all who would use them for selfish pleasure and gain.

Lastly, we consider it our greatest joy to be the caretakers of the transitions of life. We will celebrate and dedicate the new births of children. We will educate children. We will guide youth. We will host and celebrate new marriages. And in life’s finality we will comfort the grieving as their loved ones pass from this life to another; and we wait in hope for the final resurrection.

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