Monday, May 17, 2010


Following is a core document our CCR leadership created as we wrestled with how to plant a non-denominational church while honoring our heritage. We believe that our desire to honor our father's ideals of unity and revival is one reason the Lord has empowered CCR to grow both numerically and spiritually.




Christ’s Church in Rwanda is a non-denominational church whose heritage comes from the American Restoration Movement (Churches of Christ and Christian Church.) As such we affirm our heritage’s history of allowing each generation to discover its own faith through the study of the Bible. During this process the Gospel is discovered afresh as we seek to find both appropriate methods and messages for Gospel engagement with contemporary cultures. We affirm our heritage’s past practices such as believer’s baptism by immersion, the spiritual discipline of weekly communion, empathy with the most vulnerable of society, nurturing the transitions of life and families, world evangelism, and education.

As our spiritual fathers sought unity with like minded believers we also do. We will continue to unite with those with whom we share common convictions. We will seek to partner with many in the establishment of Christian community for the sake of Rwanda’s development. We will continue our fathers’ traditions of liberty, grace, and unity while hungering for a greater understanding of God’s involvement in our world through the study of Scripture with the illumination of the Holy Spirit. We will resist making judgments upon others based upon their ethnicity, origin, and religious heritage. We assume like our fathers that unity is possible if we seek discovery through humility and love. We resist any model that seeks to divide men by any other standard than the holiness of God. We welcome into our community all who choose to partner in the vision placed upon us by the Lord despite their origin and heritage.

Our worship style will reflect the liberty of our heritage coupled with its simplicity and hunger for greater understanding. Thus we will honor our heritage of a Capella worship which taught us the virtue of simplicity. Worship springs from the heart and our created nature provides the music. Our ability to worship is not restricted by mechanical limitations. With our simple tradition we can find a means to worship in any environment. We can gather with sojourners in a hotel room. We can express thanksgiving as a family at home. We can praise God for the beauty of creation after a long climb to the top of a mountain. The poor can express their worship with no hindrances caused by lack of instruments. The Lord has given within us all that is needed to express our awe of Him.

We will also exercise our liberty and incorporate into our worship other styles that are relevant to our contemporary culture which teach us to celebrate God’s goodness. As such we will be an a cappela fellowship, but not exclusively a cappela. Our church exists first for the glory of God and second for those in Rwanda who do not know Christ. Thus we will be advocates for the lost. We will structure our church so that the lost are always welcome and our preferences are not a distraction from evangelism. Our assemblies will remind us that God’s children for many thousands of generations have expressed worship through diverse forms ranging from silence to dance. Our worship style will continue diversity of language, style, and heritage so that our unity and liberty can be evidenced, and thus the lost will be drawn to Jesus.

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