Friday, May 20, 2011


Dear CCR Family and Friends,

As we near the end of our series on the 10 Commandments I want to share with you a secret. Besides teaching through a set of commands I am trying to show the beauty and dignity of life. The Old Testament paints a marvelous picture of what life can be when a community gives its whole being to God.

The 10 Commandments were given during a historical season of chaos. Israel was a dysfunctional extended family who God chose to become a nation that would bless all of humanity. His purpose in this selection would be shown through Israel’s attempt to display God’s Holiness.

This week we’ll look at Commandment Number 6. “You shall not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14. New International Version.)”

As God gives this Commandment, He later gives detailed definitions (Exodus 20:16-19; Leviticus 18). Those definitions lead me to conclude that sexually Israel and her neighbors were living in moral chaos. They needed detailed instructions to understand what was sexually right and wrong. If we open our eyes to contemporary Kigali at night I think we would conclude much the same.

Yet, when the detailed instructions and binding command is heard; God calls us back to His intention. Another translation says it this way, “Be faithful in marriage. (Exodus 20:14. Contemporary English Version.)”

We are instructed through command, principle, and detail. However, sometimes what sticks is the poetic. Beauty, dignity, and love are what hold us together. I think in contemporary Kigali both the faith and non-faith messages about sexuality sometimes miss these values. (For more reading see my blog at

Thus this Sunday we will briefly wander into the realm of exceptional Jewish poetry. We’ll look at a book so candid that the Jewish teachers only allowed those over 30 who were married to read it (The Song of Songs or Song of Solomon). If you want to hear how an old command was actually a blessing of beauty, dignity and love I hope you can join us at CCR this Sunday.

The Youth will have their class during First Worship Service (9:30 to 11:00). If you have teenagers I would like to request that this Sunday you allow them to do what some are already doing. They come to CCR around 10:30 to be in the Youth Class then they stay through Second Service (11:30 to 1:00) to be worship and listen to the CCR Sermon.

I hope to see you this Sunday,


P.S. This coming Sunday, 22 May will be the Kigali Peace Marathon which will create a small traffic difficulty in reaching CCR. The Nyarutarama Road will be closed from the Airport Road to the MTN Center. Also, the road that circles Amahoro Stadium and KIE will be closed.
We suggest you take the following routes:

1. From Southern and Western suburbs (such as Kicyukiru, Gikondo, Nyamirambo, and Kiyovu): Pass By Car Wash and then by Utexrwa and the Red Cross.

2. From Kimihurura: Pass by Kacyiru and then by Utexrwa and the Red Cross.

3. From Eastern Suburbs (such as Remera, Kabeza, and Kimironko): Pass by the Kimironko Market and through Kibagabaga.

4. Northern suburbs such as Gisozi and Kagugu should have no problems.

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