Friday, September 20, 2013


1.   You got a great deal on meat and cheese, loaded up, and your freezer went out.  The freezer repairman your friend recommended never returned your calls, texts, or shows up.

2. Your car brakes were squealing for days, and then were mysteriously healed. 

3.  Just when you figured out how to finish unpacking you become sick and are in bed for a couple of days.

4   When house hunting your Rwandan friend directs you to a great deal of an apartment just below the only other church planter you know in Rogers Park (neighborhood on north side of Chicago.)

5 Your son gets into a magnet school that

requires a lottery and one year wait when a family on his soccer team hears a rumor of one remaining open spot in the 5th grade.

6  Your other son is chosen to captain his soccer team.   He plays another team whose captain also is Rwandese, and your families are old friends.    At the start of the game they break protocol and give a Rwandese embrace instead of an American handshake. 

7     Your paycheck is lost in the mail.    Your

credit cards are maxed out.   You are out of gas in the car and almost food in the house, and then the check comes in.

8     Your support is way down and you don’t know how you will pay the bills, and then an old friend calls to offer to pay your rent for 3 months.

9.    Your neighborhood looks, smells, and feels
so much like Nairobi you keep expecting to bump into Jim Scudder, Charlotte Hacket, and Larry and Hollye Conway.
10. Of the many new languages you are hearing you can casually pick out words in four of them.

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