Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We have several missionary disciplines.    One is to send out a prayer bulletin each month.   Another is to walk and pray.   As we do this we try to meet a few people.   In that process we hope to listen well to God and humanity.   In fact, many times God speaks in our quiet time most clearly through the advice of new friends and the observations of our first surroundings.

Christ's Church of Rwanda atop Gaculiro Hill
When we first moved to Rwanda we walked around the 2020 Vision / Caisse Sociale / Gaculiro property.   It looked like all for which we could hope.    Yet, it seemed unlikely this property would ever be in our hands.    I prayed, “God the next time something like this happens please let us be a participant.”   Our Sovereign God had prepared the result before we had even thought to pray.

Our Lord instructed us

May your kingdom come and what you want be done, here on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10. NCV.)

This is the task for which we pray and walk.

I’ve been walking.   We moved to Chicago’s north side for two reasons.   One our Diaspora people from Africa’s Great Lakes are here.   Two, with the rapidly shifting ethnic composition of America Chicago’s diverse north side looks like what the rest of America will become.   Our hope is to develop a multi-cultural church as a model for others.

Please pray with us: 

Courtenay School was one closed by Chicago Public Schools this year
May we be a participant in building a new Chicago.

Yet the education systems of Chicago (and much of America) are struggling.    May we like our faith heroes of old be ones who bring knowledge and hope to children.    

We see and hear these children play.   In fact, our own children are quickly playing soccer with diverse kids with heritages from Latin America, Africa, and the Jewish culture.    May we as adults find the simplest joy of our children.

Chicago and much of America have a great history of faith.   Yet
many traditional houses of worship are struggling.   Their buildings are empty.   Some buildings are even falling to pieces.   May we be part of discovering faith afresh.    May the Lord’s glory be seen in the creativity of humanity.

Father, we see even in old church buildings religions that do not proclaim Your Son’s Resurrection.    Lord, give Your mercy.

The nations have gathered to Chicago (and much of America)

May we be used to shepherd the people we know well from East Africa

Yet, in this gathering are those who though a bit different from us are cultures we have also known from living in global cities like Nairobi, Kampala, and Kigali.    May we also find rich friendships with many who You have gathered here.   

This global city is at a crossroads of communication, education, and finance.    Our master missionary mentor, Paul of Tarsus went to cities like this.     

Your Good News traveled through these crossroads of old.   May Your Good News be spread this way again.

Use us for Your glory.   May we see what You have us to see.  
May we say what You have us to say.   May we do what You do.    May we be what You desire for us to be.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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  1. i think one of the pics here is quite amusing! BUKINAFASO is one word for one country. Great website :)