Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Christmas 2012

Being part of a faith mission has a certain measure of both stress and celebration.     Nothing financial is guaranteed.    Sometimes it is really hairy.   We’re not sure how we’ll pay the month’s bills.    Yet at the same time when we say our dinner prayers we are so aware of the Lord’s bounty (
Typically, our funding is low in the fall, and we go into December hoping for gifts to make up for losses.    Sometimes as much as 1/3 to ½ of our yearly funding is given in December.   This year is one of our riskiest ever.    Steady church support rapidly declined as soon as we reached the United States in 2012.    Yet surprise gifts kept us going in 2013.

Some of most inspiring gifts came from Ugandan and Kenyan friends living in dispersion.  Others came from old friends we had not seen in years from Harding University and Abilene Christian University days.    We are so thankful for these generous gifts.  

We’re convinced that this call of God to shepherd Diaspora from Africa’s Great Lakes and to begin a multi-cultural church in Chicago is a key kingdom task (    Missionary friends and mentors use the word “innovative” to describe the dream, and remark God has given few others the network and experience that He has given us ( 

Frequently as Christmas nears our mail box is filled with surprise gifts that lift our family spirits.  Here’s our Christmas Wish List (send to 6111 North Mozart Street, Apartment #1, Chicago, IL 60659):

Tim, Christmas 2009

·        ROBLOX – Builders and Turbo Club
·        XBOX – NBA 2K14
Ruth, Christmas Ballet 2011


·        iTune Gift Cards
·        Water color painting materials


·        White Converse shoes with red laces (size 10)

Caleb Christmas 2013

·        Can't think of a thing (but we know he could use some cash)


·        Target Gift cards for groceries and college living expenses
Christmas in Minnesota, 2009


·        Pie Pans


·        Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, Bibles, Classic Theology and History books (We donated my library to Christ’s Church of Rwanda, and as pastoring nears I’m missing my library.)

Church planting organizations with personnel in Chicago recommend a planter have between $6,500 and $8,000 per month to live.   Currently our stable income ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 per month.    Ignite plans to contribute $1,000 per month in 2014 and join our support network (    We’re very thankful, but still in need of more partners.

Here are some sample items from our budget:

·        $1,300 house rent
·        $150 utilities
·        $106 Auto insurance
·        $514 Christian Care Medi-Share (Health coverage)
·        $159 AT&T mobile phones (no data)
·        $218 Auto payment

If you can make a yearend Christmas Gift it would be greatly appreciated.   Checks can be sent to 

ROC Partners
- Jenkins Memo
3007 NW 63rd Suite 205
Oklahoma City, OK 73116-3605

Or you can make a donation by credit card at
Asante sana.  Webale nyo.   Murakoze cyane.   Thank you very much.

Mungu akubariki.   Mukama abere namwe.   Imana ikurinde.   May the Lord’s presence stay with you in abundant blessing.

Dave and Jana

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