Saturday, June 5, 2010


My friends love to poke fun of my long ponders followed by a 5 to 10 page rant. Then a few friends keep telling me "Dave you need to write a book." Then I start pondering what ideas do I have that are book worthy and when will I have the time to write while I love on Jana and the kids and try my best to pastor CCR.

I've decided to let some of you into my ponders. A 5 to 10 pager will follow, but maybe this idea is book worthy. I can't find any one whose written on this issue in generations.

I think we're living in the age of a Jesus Crisis.

I've been at the missionary / development worker game for 17 years. I've watched the AIDS, Malaria, Water, Education, Live Stock, Micro-loan, etc... become the latest hot botton crisis issues. I've participated.

However, I find our root problem to all the trendy issues of development is poverty. Until poverty cycles are broken children will continue to die when their immediate solution would only cost a few bucks.

Poverty goes deeper than simple answers to complex problems by ROCK stars. The issues are rooted in generations of broken, non-existent, or dysfunctional systems or institutions.

Our generation has been called to build lasting institutions just like some of our forefathers faced the chaos following the American Civil War and chose to build.

In order to build these institutions we need passionate disciples of Jesus of Nazareth committed to being salt and light.

We've got a world wide Jesus Crisis.

More will be following.


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