Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

July 1, 1992 is a day that shall always be remembered with great fondness in the Jenkins family. On this day our lives were forever changed by the birth of Sophia Jenkins.

On July 1, 2010 the leadership at Christ’s Church in Rwanda asks for you to join us in 40 Days of Prayer for Rwanda’s upcoming elections.

You may not see my strange mind’s reasoning, but my life has been profoundly changed for the better by 18 years of Sophia and 17 years of Africa. The two have merged into a unique story of God that truly shows His sovereign marks. Near the first of each month I try to put in your inbox a list of prayer requests. This month I ask your prayers for the following items (which are really thanking God for His care for many years):

1. Thankfulness for 18 wonderful years with Sophia. May her new journeys into adulthood bless her new communities as much as she has blessed our family and the communities we have served.

2. Thankfulness that our youngest son, Timothy chose Jesus as the boss of His life and was baptized on Saturday, June 26. Our family is now complete in Christ. We thank the Lord for His care and the expression of that care through family, friends, and local churches for our entire lives.

3. Thankfulness that after a 2 year decline in giving to our family and ministry in June 2010 the trend has been reversed. Giving has gone up and we are hopeful for the future.

4. The continued discovery of like-minded partners for our family’s ministry in Rwanda. Our Jenkins Summer Mystery Tour has been both draining and inspiring. We believe now is a season where we can best honor God by telling the unique stories of what God has done through ROC, CCR, and KICS. In order to reach the next stages our community of prayer, support, ideas, and labor must increase. May God raise up the community of supporters He desires in the coming days for His honor to be most clearly seen.

5. Rwanda’s upcoming elections on August 9, 2010. May our Sovereign God use this season to fill our hearts with peace. May He appoint those to lead who can usher in justice and establish systems to bless coming generations.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement that sustain our family and ministry.

Imana ikurinde (May God Keep All of You),


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