Thursday, April 28, 2011


This coming Sunday, 1 May I will preach a sermon I wish every single young person in Kigali and their parents could hear. It will be a tough sermon and one that most pastors dodge. However, I believe it is a vital one. CCR is continuing our preaching series on the 10 Commandments. This week we are on Commandment Number 6, “You shall not commit murder (Exodus 20:13).”

Though Rwanda has experienced the horrors of Genocide I do not believe contemporary Rwanda should fear this past. In a certain way this command is an easy one to gloss over.

However, I believe that as we wrestle with this command we will realize that protecting life has ordinary matters. Sometimes it is just too easy to minimize the value of life. On May 15 I will preach on how we must manage property to protect life. This week I will preach on how we must practice PREEMPTIVE FORGIVENESS to preserve life.

I will respect confidences, but you should know that I’ve pastored for 26 years. During that time I’ve listened to many stories of those who were pregnant before they were married. I’ve grieved, performed quick weddings, and held children in my arms that have no willing father. I’ve just finished reading some candid ethics essays from my KIST students and life has not changed. Single young people from good families sometimes have sex outside of marriage and become pregnant.

Then comes a very painful season of wrestling: Who will I tell? What will my parents think? What about people at church? Can’t I just find a way to make this go away?

There are voices that say the value of the unborn is less than life. I disagree. There are voices that say the preservation of social and church status is more important than life. I disagree.


I hope you can join us this Sunday,


P.S. This Sunday’s sermon would be considered PG13 in American movie rankings or 15 in U.K. rankings. Children will be dismissed to their classes during the sermon. However, I have asked for the youth to remain to hear the sermon. If you feel uncomfortable with the topic I will understand if you choose to attend another church this Sunday.

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