Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement that sustain our family and ministry.   Last month we gathered the courage to announce that we sensed God was calling us to again church plant.   We’re now pregnant with a dream (   Missionary friends and mentors and most importantly our own parents affirm the vision of shepherding Diaspora from Africa’s Great Lakes to become missionaries to America ( as “needed and innovative.”     Now the journey begins.   This month please keep in your prayers:

1.      Our adjustment to Chicago.   This season feels so much like our first days in
Uganda and Rwanda.   More things go wrong than is realistically possible.   Yet, at the same time we have one divine appointment after another (  This is a God thing.  We trust His providence.   May His glory be seen through the season of foundation laying

2.     Our Kids adjustmentSophia and Caleb are doing well at Wheaton College, and we are thankful to be about an hour’s drive away.   Ethan is at Chicago Hope Academy, and we are thankful that he was chosen to captain their soccer team, and that Ethan made the All-Conference team Ruth is homeschooling through 8th grade as we survey options for next year.    One of our divine appointments was that a family on Timothy’s soccer team found out that there was one remaining 5th grade opening at Water’s Elementary Magnet School.   We are thankful for God’s gracious care of our kids. 

3.     Kenya and Missionary Responsibility.   From Saturday, September 21 to
Tuesday, September 24 we were glued to news from Kenya concerning the Westgate Mall tragedy.    Kenya is Jana’s childhood home, and the place we went to rest, shop, and heal during our 19 years in Uganda and Rwanda.   Westgate Mall was one of the places we frequented.    We could have easily been in the Westgate Mall.   Also, our friends could have easily been in the mall.   Thankfully, no one we knew was killed.   Yet another matter troubles us.   It seems a portion of the terrorists spent their youth in Minnesota and Illinois.   They could have been our neighbors (      May God heal the wounds of our friends in Kenya.   May God use us to bring peace to Diaspora youth in America.  

4.     On Saturday, October 19 we will take our first corporate step in the vision of shepherding Diaspora from Africa’s Great Lakes.   We will host the first Steering Team meeting for Great Lakes Fellowship in our home.   May the Lord gather those He is calling.   May we be filled with wisdom.    May plans be made that shepherd our people well.

Thank you again for your prayers, support, and encouragement.

Mungu akubariki (God bless you),

Dave and Jana

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